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Diana McQuitty 
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
Bill Woodward         
South Vienna, Ohio 45369

(937) 568-4099


2014 ADGA National Show 1st place Saanen Dairy Herd, (Denisha, Stella, Delaney, Snivel)


McQuitty-Farm is a small herd of Saanen and Lamancha  dairy goats located in southwest or central Ohio depending on what farm they are at although all goats have been at Bill's for the past 7 years. Our primary focus is on winning in the show ring although we feel high production and good temperaments are no less important. Enclosed you will find pedigrees, pictures of our breeding stock and the carefully planned matings for 2015.  Although there are prices listed for all kids some bucklings will not be offered for sale, only those from carefully selected does whom we would keep and show ourselves. This year celebrates our 34th year owning and enjoying dairy goats.    
We believe that superior management is just as important as a fancy pedigree and that it allows our animals to reach their full genetic potential. The kids are taken away from their dams at birth and fed heat treated colostrum or colostrum powder and pasteurized goat milk or store bought vitamin D cow milk until about three months of age. The entire herd is fed a 16% feed and alfalfa/grass hay.  Grain is not introduced to kids until weaning. Loose mineral, salt blocks and sodium bicarbonate is readily available at all times. Our kids are treated aggressively for Coccidiosis since Ohio can be extremely wet during spring time. Bo-Se, De worming and Copper boluses are given bi-annually and as needed on an individual basis.          

We show throughout the mid west and try to attend the ADGA National Show if within driving distance.   My aunt and I have been extremely fortunate to have had much success at the national shows we did attend having bred four National Champions (all of which were BUOB or RBUOB), numerous class winners and top ten producers.  The last time we exhibited at a national show was 2006 and although we did very well that year it doesn't begin to compare to 2014, yes it has been a very special year.  Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine how well our girls would compete in Louisville especially since this was the first show of the year for most of does.  Snivel was crowned National Champion and Best Udder while Delaney won Reserve National Champion.  The girls also won 1st place dairy herd, 1st place produce of dam and 2nd place breeders trio.  We also took home Premier Exhibitor which we had never won before!   We exhibited ten animals, two Lamanchas and Eight Saanens and seven of those ten does were in the championship line up.  We are quite proud of the herd and their accomplishments, another dream fulfilled! Congratulations to all of the winners and exhibitors who made this years Saanen show one to remember.  We would like to take this time to THANK the people who made all of this possible because it takes a team.  Leslie Gosnell you are a godsend,  the girls looked amazing in your care while I was in the ring! Your dedication and hard work was appreciated greatly!  Also thanks to Barb Vozar for you help, we couldn't have done it without you.  A special shout out to Sonia, Heather and Lisa Arts for their help showing and fixing Demi who wasn't feeling well on show day!  Patricia Bailey, Nicole Osban and Evin Evans for their help handling and taking pictures which is never easy.  Also a special thank you to Greg Murphy for your expertise, you made the girls look awesome!   We also wanted to thank the NS show committee, Local Host group, Amazing Judges who worked tirelessly and volunteers for all of their dedication to a memorable week.  When the grand and reserve Saanen Champion was selected I couldn't even hear the reasons over all of the cheering and celebrating.  It was quite an emotional moment and way more than just another show, at least to us! We reciprocate the support, love and joy that was felt that precious day!
Although the majority of the kid crop is offered for sale, we reserve the right to retain any kid as a herd replacement. We require a non refundable $100 deposit to hold your choice of kid up to four weeks of age. The deposit will be returned or transferred to another kid if we choose not to sell the kid or if the kid is not born. Vet work, shipping crates and shipping are the responsibility of the buyer and must be completed before the kid leaves the farm. We ship from various local airports but prefer CMH although we encourage you to pick up your kid at the farm so you can see the relatives and family members of the kid you ordered. All checks should be made payable to Diana McQuitty, yes she is still the chief!
We will be offering the majority of the 2015 kid crop for your consideration.  If there is no photo of an animal that interests you please contact Bill and he will give you an honest evaluation of the animals strengths and weaknesses. We do understand that buying an animal sight unseen can be an expensive and risky investment and we truly want you to be happy with your purchase. We do not guarantee every animal to be a show winner when they mature so we only replace animals that are reproductively unsound. Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian of sterility will get you a replacement although shipping costs and vet work are the responsibility of the owner of the animal being replaced. No offspring may be registered from returned animals. Once an animal leaves our possession it is the responsibility of the buyer!

I want to thank everyone who has purchased animals from us in the past and who has helped us succeed along the way. We don’t do a great deal of showing but it seems we always have people willing to lend a helping hand showing, taking pictures, loading/unloading, etc!!!  Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Again, Thank you for your interest in McQuitty Farm and we hope you enjoy our web site and 2015  sales list.
Diana & Bill
ADGA Life Members


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